It takes a certain amount of gumption to come out of the closet. Like when you’re fabulous, in totally good shape, and deserve to be seen, but you’ve hung in the dark all these years? Well, I, and Wade Snider (and Sage Sauerbrey and Molly Willcox and Nina Miller and Lauren Shearer) have a new Scouts of America pin for our sashes: we’ve helped someone come out of the closet. No wait, not someone, some things.

When we discovered a whole bunch of incredible, vintage ski suits just hanging helplessly in a friend’s closet in October, we just knew it was time to free the suit! Now, this doesn’t just mean taking photos of rad fluffy colorful stuff being worn by the sexy men and women of Moonshine.

It also means paying homage to all the Bettys, Bobs, and Susans of the sixties, seventies, and eighties who pioneered the old skinny skis and onesies. Honoring all those early snowboarders kicked off the mountains for getting in the way. Nodding at the first folks to huck cliffs, long before Instagram.


In our Tahoe Winter Times we showed you half-a-dozen or so ski suits actually worn during the era that shaped the Basin as a ski destination; the very reason many of us live in and love this place today. So with a shaka of respect to all the greats, I leave you with this: let that fashion freak flag fly on the hill this season. You never know what’ll be “cool” 50 years from now.

P.S. Wanna tone up the dad bod? Send us a pic of your own ski suit and we’ll enter you to win a free month at Performance Training Center (see sidebar for details).


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