As May begins, we are in the heart of Taurus, with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus all occupying the sign. Taurus, represented by the bull, is a sign of tenacity. As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is a fixed sign, when the early and eager shoots of spring secure their place in the soil and set their roots. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which enters the sign on May 14, strengthening their expression. Venus is the planet of love, wealth, beauty, and bonding. In the Earth sign of Taurus, this translates to an appreciation of the five senses, the sensations that ground us in the body and stimulate our gratitude for the abundant world in which our souls incarnate. However, the recent entry of rebel planet Uranus into Taurus presents challenges. (See the March edition of Moonshine Ink for details.) As Venus moves in conjunction with Uranus on May 17, we may receive unexpected news regarding relationships and finances. Should troubling news knock at your door, channel the Taurean nature to stay grounded, square your stance, and meet these lessons head on. Remain loyal to your values, and don’t be afraid to rely on your loved ones for compassionate support.


Developing an understanding of the night sky is made more manageable by learning to recognize the regular movement of the Sun and Moon relative to the fixed map of the stars. The ecliptic is the path the Sun and Moon follow across our sky, which has been divided into 12 constellations known as the zodiac. At the end of winter, Leo becomes visible in the evening sky, heralding the seasonal shift into spring. As we move deeper into the spring season, Leo becomes more prominent, apparent after sunset in the southeastern sky. By mid-June, Leo can be found high in the southern sky at sunset. Leo is one of the more recognizable constellations, appearing as a celestial lion, sitting in a catlike fashion facing west. The signature sickle-shaped curve of its head swoops down into a broad rectangular chest, terminating in a triangular shape to the east. Leo contains Regulus, one of the four stars that serve as seasonal guardians. Latin for “little king,” Regulus is particularly notable for aligning almost exactly to the ecliptic (most stars track either slightly north or south). Use the Moon to help you find Regulus on May 12, and again on June 8. Observe as the Sun overtakes Leo, gradually obscuring it from view as we move toward the end of summer.

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