It’s full speed ahead as we enter the second month of the new year with all planets in direct (forward appearing) motion! The energy of initiation remains strong as we move into February, making this is a wonderful time to begin new projects, or brush the dust off discarded plans. As only certain planets retrograde every year, for all planets to have moved retrograde in 2018, signifying internal transformation, this means that last year was ripe for reflection and revision. Retrogrades turn energy inward, giving us the opportunity to review how each of these planetary archetypes manifests in our lives. With this gift of hindsight, we have been granted a much clearer picture of how where we have been has shaped where we are now, so that we may gauge where we are heading. With our compass freshly recalibrated, it is time to weigh anchor and set sail with confidence. This window will end on March 5, when Mercury stations retrograde once more, and we are encouraged to look back to see what progress we’ve made.


The long nights continue, lending plenty of time for stargazing this February! Orion remains visible in the night sky all month. His distinctive appearance makes him a great reference for finding other constellations in the sky. Of the signs of the zodiac, and appearance in the sky, Orion is closest to Taurus, the bull. Taurus is identifiable by the bright star Aldebaran, known as the “bull’s eye,” and one of the four seasonal “gatekeepers” of the zodiac. Find Aldebaran by drawing a short diagonal line up and right from Orion’s shoulder. The next bright star you spot will be the vernal gatekeeper! Continue tracking in the same direction to discover a small group of stars beyond Aldebaran. Visible almost everywhere on the globe, this tight cluster is held in high esteem the world over. Mythologized as the “Seven Sisters,” this cluster is officially known as the Pleiades. Due to their unique arrangement, place along the ecliptic, and relative proximity to our planet, the Pleiades is an important celestial feature. The Pleiades provided a cosmic key allowing our ancestors to unlock the secrets of seasonal timing, as their disappearance behind the Sun coincided with the start of springtime.

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