Astronomy | Rise and shine! The planetary parade (coming summer 2022!) is beginning to take shape in the morning sky. As the month begins, Mercury becomes more obscure, while Venus is gaining magnitude, perhaps basking in the attention of Mars, who joins her in the morning sky throughout February. From Feb. 11 to 16, observe the perfecting Venus-Mars conjunction in the southeastern sky, with Mercury lower and more eastern on the horizon. On Feb. 16, having located our neighboring planets emerging in the east, see if you can follow the belt of the zodiac across the sky (Antares of Scorpius and Spica of Virgo being notable stars) to find the full moon setting in the west alongside Regulus, the star at the heart of the Leo constellation. At the end of the month, on the morning of Feb. 27, look for the beautiful waning crescent moon to preside over the planetary marriage of Venus and Mars in the southeastern sky. If you have a penchant for astro-photography, this is a great time to bring out the camera! Note that while Venus and Mars are in conjunction, this describes their relative position east-to-west, as measured by right ascension (celestial longitude). A sizable gap remains in their declinations (celestial latitude).

Astrology | February 2022 is the month for love, and not just because of Valentine’s Day! Venus and Mars, the archetypal lovers, engage in a flirtatious dance throughout February. Named for the Roman gods of love/beauty and war/aggression, this is a classic case of opposites attracting. When they join, passion is ignited, with Venus determining what we want and Mars motivating us to go after it. On Feb. 16, the full moon in Leo encourages authentic expression. Having gained clarity through the reflective retrogrades of Venus and Mercury, we are now free to speak from the heart. On Feb. 24, when the two form a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, there may be a tendency to over-romanticize the situation. The pair’s placement in Capricorn gives a grounding balance, however. As Mars is exalted in Capricorn, we have the endurance that carries us through the “honeymoon” phase and into an enduring commitment. On Feb. 27, the two planets, accompanied by the crescent moon, arrive in Pluto’s court, accentuating the power inherent within our inner eroticism. When they cross the threshold together into the sign of Aquarius on March 6, we realize the radical power and revolutionary potential of unconditional love.

 ~ Dawn Andreoni is a yoga teacher and astrologer living on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. You can find more about her offerings at or follow her at 



  • Dawn Andreoni

    Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dawn Andreoni has been studying and teaching yoga, astrology, and other mindfulness practices for over 10 years. She considers nature her foremost teacher, and is grateful to call such a glorious classroom as Lake Tahoe her home. Read her column The Stars every month. You can find out more about her offerings at or follow her at

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