Earth is right now hurtling through space, moving through a curtain of debris left behind from the comet Swift-Tuttle. What does that mean? The annual Perseid meteor shower is upon us! The Perseids are renowned for being prolific, offering more potential shooting stars than other meteor showers (up to 100 per hour!). Additionally, the Perseids often feature fireballs — exceptionally bright and long-lasting shooting stars. While last year the peak of the shower coincided with the full moon, this year the peak occurs closer to the new moon. This means less light interference and a better chance to see more meteors. The Perseids will peak this year on Aug. 12 to 13, though it will be active in the weeks before and after that date. Meteor showers are named for their respective radiant points; in this case, the constellation Perseus. While shooting stars can be seen across the sky, the optimal viewing window is when the radiant point is highest in the sky. Between midnight and 6 a.m. will be the best time to view the shower.



There is a changing of the guard in the upcoming weeks. Venus retrograde cycle took reign during the Leo season (late July to late August), and stations direct on Sept. 3. Mercury, meanwhile, stations retrograde in the late degrees of Virgo on Aug. 23, the same day the sun enters the sign of the celestial virgin. Matters distilled through the heart during Venus retrograde now rise to the mind. What seemed crystal clear in the prism of our heart’s domain may appear cloudy once again. This is the nature of Neptune in Pisces, also retrograde, which opposes Mercury at its station. This is particularly upsetting for Mercury in Virgo, whose stereotypical attention to detail seeks a clarity and order that simply isn’t available. A trine to Uranus, however, provides flashes of insight that serve to keep us on track. Eventually, what rose up as steam condenses once more. Find a creative outlet to move the energy from the head to the hands. Observing our thoughts as they percolate in their own time, we are left with a purer knowledge and a more nuanced understanding of the issues we’ve been working through.

~ Dawn Andreoni is a yoga teacher and astrologer. You can find out more about her offerings at or follow her at 


  • Dawn Andreoni

    Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dawn Andreoni has been studying and teaching yoga, astrology, and other mindfulness practices for over 10 years. She considers nature her foremost teacher, and is grateful to call such a glorious classroom as Lake Tahoe her home. Read her column The Stars every month. You can find out more about her offerings at or follow her at

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