Photos by Ming Poon | Words by Brennan Lagasse
Music. From tongue clicking to EDM, its diversity binds humanity. While musicians may argue that playing an instrument is the holiest of crafts, the same can be said for the pursuit of seeing music in a live setting. In the U.S., there is no venue more magical and inspiring than The Gorge Amphitheater. Situated on the flanks of the mighty Columbia River in central Washington State, this is a place every show-goer must experience. Photos, even shots as good as those that frame this gallery, barely do the dreamlike venue justice.
The adventure and overall experience of seeing a show at The Gorge, especially when traveling from Tahoe, takes one through a variety of engaging landscapes. Regardless of which route north you travel, you’re going to be driving for more than 12 hours; but maybe you choose to stop to rock climb at Smith Rock, take your time and drive route 101 along the spectacular coast of Oregon, or go mountain biking and beer sampling for a few days in Bend. Getting there is just part of the fun. Although a show like Phish might be the initial draw, plan on a journey that will end up being far more that seeing your favorite band in a unique live setting. 



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