Come with me … and you’ll be … in a world of pure imagination! Well, maybe not with me, but you will be in a Wonka state of mind when you head to the Tahoe Chocolate & Wine Festival. Sierra Community House hosts the event, which has been ongoing for more than three decades, and the delectable theme this year is … Pure Imagination: Dreams That Do Come True.

“Guests should come prepared by donning their best evening gown and adding some imaginative touches like a sequined purple top hat and tie to blend in with the Willy Wonka-ish Pure Imagination theme,” suggested Dawn Harris, event coordinator.

It’s a most poignant motif, given that the past year saw the landmark consolidation of four longtime local nonprofits into Sierra Community House — a longtime dream turned reality for those who strove to make it happen. (See One Group to Aid Them All).


“The Tahoe Chocolate & Wine Festival is our official ‘coming out’ as Sierra Community House and we invite supporters to come celebrate with us as we dream of a community where there is no hunger, no violence, and everyone is safe, healthy and thriving,” said executive director Paul Bancroft in a press release.

CANDY IS DANDY, BUT LIQUOR IS QUICKER: An evening of decadent indulgence is in store for you at the Tahoe Chocolate & Wine Festival. Courtesy photo

Guests will come together for an evening of decadence featuring mouthwatering chocolate creations, dreamed up by local Tahoe chefs, and paired with boutique wine tastings from acclaimed California wine vintners.

“Our chocolatiers, new and old, bring their best culinary skills and the freshest ingredients to the table. In 2018, personal chef Scott Yorkey used imported chocolate from South America and edible flowers in his creation,” Harris said. “And sweet is not always the chocolate dessert of choice as many chefs mix it up by serving up a savory chocolate affair. We are always delighted by the creativity, which is why this event is so successful.”

Proceeds from a live and silent auction will also benefit the nonprofit.

“[This] is our biggest fundraiser. It brings together 300 supporters from around the lake and Truckee to celebrate community members that are thriving in the face of adversity and difficult life challenges,” she said. “In 2017 and 2018, the event reached an important milestone and raised $150,000. This year we are trying to break that record.”

Harris stressed that as a new, combined organization, it’s more important than ever that the community support the Tahoe Chocolate & Wine Festival. “It will continue to support community members in crisis and those affected by unfortunate acts of violence,” she said. “But now it will support more programs and services that make up the safety net for our community including food distribution, legal advocacy and mediation, mental wellness, parenting support, financial literacy, housing assistance and so much more.”

INFO: 6 to 10 p.m.; $175 in advance, $200 at the door; visit


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