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One Up On The Competition


I like competition. We live in a world of rivalry where everyone wants it bigger, better, and faster, and then they want to tell you about it. If you’re talking about the Olympics or overcoming extreme obstacles, then bring it on; this is competition in its purest form. However, there's a form of competition that just irritates the heck out of me.

Crossing Genres and Room for Growth


While taking lessons and performing in school ensembles are fundamental building blocks for young musicians, also essential are the extra experiences that teach, inspire, and challenge students in new ways – the chance to see quality performers, to perform in a live setting and to learn from visiting musicians.

Local Performing Arts Gets a Boost with New Grant


Project Bandaloop, a San Francisco–based, vertical, contemporary dance company that plans to flip the traditional dance floor on its side when its dancers perform off the nine-story Resort at Squaw Creek building on Sunday Aug. 29.

The Stars: 13 January – 9 February 2022

The Morning Star brings the dawn of a new day; exploring the lunar nodes

The Stars: 13 April – 10 May 2023

The practical meets the dreamy this month when Saturn enters Pisces; stargazing predates civilization and has provided a thread of wisdom connecting us to our ancestors.