Twelve years ago, a group of seven lesbian women in Santa Rosa, Calif., wrote a play entitled Lavender Roses. The play, incorporating music and humor, was a way to share their life experiences, with a special focus on their spiritual journeys. To this day the play continues to be invited into communities all over Northern California. And now, on Nov. 17, Lavender Roses comes to the Elks Lodge in Grass Valley.
Five local organizations, including three faith communities, joined up to bring the live theatre piece to Nevada County. Rev. Sandra Fairbanks, of the Sierra Center for Positive Living (one of the sponsor organizations), was deeply touched when she first saw the play and was a driving force in bringing the play here. Fairbanks took a moment to answer a few questions for Moonshine Ink readers.

Moonshine Ink: Would this piece be appropriate for production in say, Arkansas?
Rev. Sandra Fairbanks: Absolutely. The production is not about place, it is about heart.

MI: With regard to a quote in the press release, will the event be ‘life changing’ and ‘mind changing’ for people who are not gay?
SF: This is such and important question to me. I brought Lavender Roses to my community because it is a message that I think and feel needs to be heard by all, regardless of sexual orientation. The current message that seems to be promoted through some of our mass media outlets and through our current political leadership is divisive, often attempting to make homosexuality wrong (and at times even more brutal words are used).
Lavender Roses give a different message, one of love, unity and to me, truth. They extend their message heartfully, poignantly, capturing the challenges of just the human condition and do it all without making anyone wrong. They do it with great humor. They do it with story telling. They do it with song. They offer another view, another perspective. I believe there are many in our heterosexual community that are in the middle of the road and want desperately a deeper understanding and another view on this issue. And in a nutshell, Lavender Roses does just that. It is healing, it is revealing, it is loving and accepting. Everyone will laugh and cry and gain a deeper understanding that I don’t think can be gained in any other way. Following the show we will take time for open dialogue. Those in our audience that are gay will be deeply touched by the sharing these women do in such a heartfelt way. Everyone will benefit personally and meaningfully through the insights shared in this show.


MI: The play has been running for 12 years – has it been updated in this time?
SF: It is updated all of the time. It always feels fresh, alive, and vital.

Admission is $10, doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the play begins at 7:30 p.m. For information call 530-274-1018.