After three cottontail reference attempts, Kuinka has dropped the rabbit once and for all.

With a new EP, Stay Up Late, set to release June 2, the Washington-based foursome formerly known as Rabbit Wilde is taking the opportunity to put a drawn-out trademark dispute behind them. Miranda Zickler — vocals, synthesizer, banjo, rhythm guitar, and percussion — explained that the four tracks on Stay Up Late have a more electronic tone than past songs, and the group is using this as an opportunity for a bit of rebranding — think Bob Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm.

“The worst of it is behind us,” Zickler said about the dispute where no legal decision was ever reached.


Kuinka is a Scandinavian word meaning “how” and was born out of a brainstorming session in the tour van. “We thought, how are we ever going to come up with a band name,” Zickler, who has spent time in Finland, joked.

Stay Up Late’s four tracks are a collaboration of all four members of the band, and each song is one member’s brainchild.

“A year and a half ago we all got together and presented songs to each other,” Zickler, who at the time had just gotten a new synthesizer, said. “All four songs just happened and we went down to Portland with our producer and hammered it out in a week.”

Curious Hands developed because Zickler had an idea for a song but didn’t know what instruments she wanted to use.

Zach Hammer — lead guitar, percussion, vocals, and harmonica — is the brains behind Spaces, and Zickler worked on the song’s harmony.

Warsaw and Mistakenly Brave are the result of a challenge Nathan Hamer — ukulele, vocals, and mandolin — gave himself: To write songs with no minor chords. “He is always challenging himself and constantly writing,” Zickler said.

Can’t wait until the show at the Crystal Bay Casino to hear the four new tracks? Kuinka released 200 advanced-copy cassette tapes of Stay Up Late — available online and at their shows. The reason for using a cassette? “We were so excited to release the new songs, and our PR rep suggested vinyl or cassette because they can’t be pirated.”


  • Ally Gravina

    Ally Gravina is a freelance journalist and former Moonshine editor based in Graeagle. She has a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she specialized in arts and culture reporting.

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