With summer in full-swing, we’ve come up with seven predictions of musicians that played at Saquatch, who should inevitably blow up, and will make an excellent addition to your summer playlist. 
The world of music has never been able to present as much abundance and variety as it can today. While this is a huge plus for audiences, it makes the climb to fame more difficult for most musicians. That’s why in 2002, concert promoter Adam Zacks decided to create a music festival that combines an eclectic range of music with the opportunity for up-and-coming artists to perform on the big stage.
For 14 years Sasquatch! Music Festival, held at the Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy, Wash., has made a reputation for itself by bringing lesser-known artists to play alongside some of the biggest musicians in the world. Many feel this makes Sasquatch! entirely unique because you get to watch an artist give the performance of their lifetime.
During the four days of the festival, I felt completely overwhelmed   by the immense talent of all the performers. I rediscovered old favorites and fell in love with bands I had never even heard ofRead and listen up, then get to crafting your own playlist for all the warm weather, long road trips, and beach days ahead.
Photos and words by Jeremy Jensen



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