Another Halloween is upon us and Tahoe’s got just the man to host the party: Ryan Rambo. This longtime Tahoe-ite has been hosting events around the Basin for seven years, creating a fun, funky, positive vibe where everyone is free to be who they are. And on Halloween, the cats sure do come out to play. Through a collaboration between Rambo Party Productions and Wormhole Tahoe, a great spread of live and electronic music will tempt those ears.

This year’s Dia De Los Weirdos party at Crystal Bay’s Tahoe Biltmore packs a hefty lineup of eclectic sounds: Rambo will spin some aerodynamic, intergalactic, lazer blastin’ bassy beats and promises to ignite your inner party animal. Then, there’s Tahoe DJ Micah J, arguably Tahoe’s most talented DJ and “true professional party starter.” DJ Isaac Freed will play with his new band FunksAlive, mixing live elements of electric bass, drums, and saxophone with funky bass-influenced electronic production. Showcasing their instrumental talents mixed with dirty, electronic beats, this trio brings the grimiest live-electronic game in the Tahoe area.

Headliner DJ Stickybuds, out of Canada, will make his first Tahoe appearance. For the past 12 years, he’s honed his style, using a vast network of talented producers and artists to help him create unique blends of funk, reggae, drum ‘n’ bass, and broken beats, reworked and edited with exclusive acapella selections.


A full-time producer and DJ, Sticky finds himself constantly on the road and has now performed in 25 countries. His skills behind the decks have brought him to perform at such festivals as Burning Man, Glastonbury Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Envision Festival, Boomtown Fair, Enchanted Forest, and many more.

With over 50 tracks to his name on 20-plus labels, he’s won accolades such as Breakspoll’s “mix of the year” (2015), “best free track” (2013), and Glitch Hop UK’s “best international track” (2013).

For Rambo, “throwing parties is not just music and dancing, it’s a place where people can feel open to connecting with each other,” he says. “The energy is always high on Halloween … it’s gonna be a party.”

Behind his seven-year mission to bring the funk to Tahoe and to celebrate Halloween in high spirits, Rambo says there’s the borrowed Burning Man concept of radical self-expression.

“Halloween is one of those holidays where people tend to get extra weird, and that’s why Halloween is one of the best holidays,” he laughs.

So go on and get extra weird this Halloween, and we’ll see you at the Biltmore.


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