Dead Winter Carpenters’ six-song EP, “Dirt Nap,” combines Wild West folk storytelling with compelling — and sometimes wailing — strings, percussion, and vocals. The result: an upbeat collection of songs laced with energy, motion, and rootsy down-home tunes. This is good stuff.

DWC recorded the EP in two four-day sessions at Heavenly Tracks in South Lake Tahoe.

“I feel like this album has a much stronger ’70s country sound to it than that of our last one,” said Jenni Charles, the band’s vocalist and fiddler.

The group took favorite songs from their concerts and reworked the instrumentation, tempo, and harmonies. They even added sitar to the track “Colorado Wildfire” — which somehow sounds at home alongside the fiddle and fingerpicking — and had Peter Grant (collaborator with names like the Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson) play the pedal steel guitar on “Easy Sleep,” adding a dash of that smooth, western twang.

Dance and sing along at the band’s “Dirt Nap” release party on Dec. 14 at the Crystal Bay Club.

Info: $15, 9 p.m., Dec. 14, The Crown Room, Crystal Bay Casino, event details and EP download (name your price) on the band’s website.

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