Is there a way to bridge the gap between hair and the soul? Roam Wyld Holistic Beauty Collective sure thinks so. Roam Wyld opened its doors to the public just over a year ago in Incline’s Christmas Tree Village, and has been on a mission to promote confidence and wellness ever since. “We encourage our guests to view hair care as a form of art, self-expression, and fun self-care instead of another ‘to-do,’ or ‘should’ — because we all know we already have enough of those in our lives,” says owner and stylist Melissa Nelson.

Roam Wyld makes it a point to instill both self-assurance and a sense of community in its customers. Melissa and her stylists vow to never judge a head of hair as it walks through the door — whether it’s been a decade since the last haircut or there are more split ends than possible to count, each person is welcome as they are. But why connect physical appearance with the spiritual? Nelson says, “We believe that beauty radiates from the inside out, and the more alive you feel, the more beautiful you feel.”

The business philosophy promotes the power of community and strives to nurture a “modern-day village mindset.” In order to do this best, Nelson embraces the wild and rugged part of real life by teaming up with the community to create events and workshops for individuals to gather together. Past events have been led by yogis, healers, musicians, and other creatives that inspire more connection, magic, and aliveness in day-to-day lives, all in a well-cared-for space that’s modern and chic, yet minimalist and can adapt to the event’s needs.


Events are typically held on Sunday or Monday evenings about two to three times per month. Ann-Britt Hakaanson, the studio’s resident yogi, hosts a monthly yoga nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” which aims to be a restorative and blissful experience. Keep an eye out for Hakaanson’s next event on Jan. 14. Interested in understanding the stars? Roam Wyld and Moonshine’s resident astrologer, Dawn Andreoni, hosts a “pop-up astrology salon” every other month where she offers a 25-minute natal chart reading. If you’re on the search for a new hair gal, Alisha Barbour, one of the salon’s trusted hair artist, hosts a monthly blow-out event where she offers complimentary washes, styling, and product guidance to new guests.

Beginning in the new year, Nate Isaak will be hosting a monthly swing dance night, and Aeray Lumm will be leading ongoing “human design classes” (the next one is Feb. 3). Roam Wyld’s events are always open to anyone and everyone, especially for those who are curious to try something new. Most events are free or donation based, making them accessible to everyone in the community.


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