With the new year underway, it’s time to mark our calendars with the big musical events of the year to kick off a positive and rocking 2014. On Jan. 15, let’s all rally for a great cause and a great night of music at A Benefit for Blake.

Join local icons like Dead Winter Carpenters, funk-and-soul-infused Jelly Bread, and the undeniable bluesy riffs of Carolyn Wonderland in the CBC’s Crown Room. All proceeds from the show will go directly to paying medical bills for the CBC’s sound engineer, Blake Beeman, who is battling multiple sclerosis and stomach cancer.

The birth of the Crystal Bay Club and Devil Dog Productions completely revolutionized our area as one of the musical hubs of Northern California, and created a cornerstone in our community that we consider our home venue. If you have seen any music at the CBC in the last 10 years and thought the vibe was great and the sound and lights were off the hook, then you have an appreciation for Beeman, one of the nicest guys in Tahoe, a true music-maker, and the guy behind the music.

“I’ve known Blake for a long time. He is like a big brother to me now,” said Jenni Charles of Dead Winter Carpenters. “I appreciate and respect all he has done for our community in the Tahoe area and I think it’s important to give back to such a positive contributor.”

While it has always been the music that makes the world go round, it’s our community that supports the music and our community that takes care of the people in it. Be a part of something special and start your celebration of a new year with something positive.

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