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What to Buy for Whom?

We created this handy-dandy chart to hopefully take some of the stress out of holiday shopping, all while encouraging shopping local.

HOT SPOT: Chocolate Wine and Roses Festival

Saturday Nov. 6, the Chateau, Incline Village

Dana Leong Trio West Concerts

Dana Leong Trio West’s genre-bending blend of classical and electronic music comes to Tahoe on Feb. 6 and to Nevada City on Feb. 8.

Nothing Fishy Here

Rupa and the April Fishes set for Wanderlust

Rocking Stone Announcements (21 May – 17 June)

Trails and Vistas Equine WorkshopAcclaimed choreographer Alain Gauthier, celebrated for his work with Cavalia and Le Cirque du Soleil, recently conducted the first of...

GET OUT & GO: From New Orleans to New Funk

Soulive is the host band for a four-night musical carnival at Crystal Bay

Willy Tea Taylor: A Man Named Will

At heart, Willy Tea Taylor is a simple man, with a thirst for adventure, a passion for music, and most of all, he’s completely in love with the journey he’s on, made even more meaningful due to his humble beginnings.

Dia De Los Weirdos: A Funky Halloween Party

This year’s Dia De Los Weirdos party at Crystal Bay’s Tahoe Biltmore packs a hefty lineup of eclectic sounds.

Into the Desert

Burning Man through the lens of Michael Okimoto. Poems by Janet Smith and Suzanne Roberts.