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The Second City Hits Home

The comedy company, that greats like Bill Murray and Tina Fey got their starts, brings its sketch comedy show to Nevada City on Feb. 6.

Brad Perry: Tahoe’s Hardest Working Musician

In addition to founding Incline Village Music, Brad Perry is an accomplished opera singer, pianist, trumpeter, and conductor.

Fruition: No Stranger to Long Mondays

We spoke with Kellen Asebroek of Fruition about John Prine, long Mondays, filming on top of the Palisades, and about what is next for Fruition.

Local Trivia Night Round-up

Trivia nights are a time-honored mountain town tradition, right there with open mic night, karaoke, and happy hour.

A Conversation with Alice Waters

We talked to Alice Waters about eating locally in Tahoe, suggestions for combating the Tahoe housing crisis, specifically in regard to housing kitchen staff, and her opinion on fad eating trends.

Truckee Community Theater’s Magical One-Act Plays

The Truckee Community Theater's one-act holiday plays are the perfect activity for the whole family

Marty O’Reilly: Old Soul, New Sound

This band serves folk-inspired indie rock that’s moving to the soul that tells a story of their time together so intricately woven between their relationship with music and their friendship as band-mates that you’d never know which comes first.

California WorldFest

Experience music’s unifying powers through four days of enthralling, worldly performances at the 19th annual California WorldFest July 16 to 19

Good Luck Macbeth’s Evil Dead: The Musical

Get sprayed with blood and watch the live rendition of the cult classic horror trilogy at Evil Dead: The Musical in Reno until Oct. 31.

Calendar of Winter Events | 2018-19

With so much to do this winter, make sure you plan it right. Our guide will make sure you don't miss an event.