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Three Sides of Bullying

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TTUSD partners with WeTip, an anonymous crime and bullying hotline. To make a report, call (800) 78-CRIME (800-782-7463)

Fifth graders at Truckee Elementary are taking a stand against bullying. After reading The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, they wrote poems from the three perspectives, Bully, Bullied, and Bystander, and then shared their poems with the class. Here are some of the powerful and moving poems the students wrote. ~ Mardiece Patrick/teacher, Truckee Elementary


I am the bully.
I wonder why I do not have any friends.
I hear pain everywhere I go.
I want, more than anything, a friend.
I am the bully.

I pretend to be cool.
I feel sick to my stomach when I bully.
I touch things differently and rudely.
I worry when the tables turn, and I am the bullied.
I cry for those who have been injured.
I am the bully.

I understand that hitting is wrong, yet I cannot stop myself.
I say bad things that hurt even me.
I dream about peace between people.
I try to ignore the pain of bullying.
I hope that I can pull myself out of this.
I am the bully.
~ Ryan R.

I am the bully.
I wonder if they care.
I hear a quivering voice.
I want them to feel like me.
I am the bully.

I pretend to be someone I'm not.
I feel angry, but more sad.
I touch people like I normally wouldn't.
I worry I'll be teased.
I cry inside, but not out.
I am the bully.

I understand that nobody likes bullies, nobody.
I say deep words I normally wouldn't in the past.
I dream that I could start over again.
I try to be something I'm not.
I hope people will think about me being someone else, not a dense bully.
I am the bully, though I don't want to be any longer.
~ Diego

I am the bully.
I wonder why I feel like I have to do this.
I hear encouragement.
I want to let my anger out.
I am the bully.

I pretend I like to bully.
I feel like I want to change, but I can't.
I touch people in a negative way.
I worry that I might lose the attention.
I cry inside because of confusion.
I am the bully.

I understand I might be doing the wrong thing.
I say mean things I don't want to say.
I dream of being better.
I try to fit in with the rest, but I'm an outcast.
I hope that one day I can change.
I was the bully.
~ Max C.


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February 14, 2019