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  • Jeff Ridgel left the corporate world to run Bradbury's, an office supply store in Truckee.

  • The Truckee Sanitary District transitions to solar power.

  • An interview with the masterminds behind Tahoe Truckee Earth Day.

  • Local students turn trash into fashion.

  • Beth Ingalls remembers a simpler time and the joys of clotheslines.

  • Candidates and issues abound

  • Tutors are rewarded with the immense satisfaction that comes from making a significant difference in another person’s quality of life.

  • Beth Ingalls

    Students gathered at Alder Creek Middle School on June 9 for the annual Ice Cream Social. It’s all about yearbook signing and copious amounts of ice cream — vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry — piled into a bowl with about a pint of whipped cream heaped on each serving. All things considered, it was a pretty mellow event, except for the inevitable sticky messes left almost everywhere you looked as the evening wound down.

    For the eighth graders, it’s less about the ice cream and more about savoring those few final days at what has been their home for the last three years. Most parents and teachers will tell you it’s definitely time for them to move on. They’ve developed the arrogance and bravado that comes with ruling the roost for the last year. They’ve outgrown their comfortable middle school home, and despite the fact that they may soon feel like little fish in a big pond, most appear pumped up and raring to go. So I had to ask: What are you looking forward to most about going to Truckee High School in the fall?

  • Truckee Fire District has folks up in arms, especially Jim Porter

  • Full Spectrum: Father’s Day is near, and it’s a dreaded holiday for me and probably for my twin sons. They haven’t had a father of their own around since just after their first birthday.


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January 11, 2018