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  • Did you know that Nevada County has the lowest percentage of fully immunized kindergartners of any county in the state? Today there are few visible reminders of the suffering and premature deaths caused by diseases that are now easily preventable with vaccines.

  • A concert goer reflects on recent increased police presence at local reggae shows.

  • Isn’t tourism, whatever prefix you attach, always a form of economic and social imperialism? Softer in some ways than the mining and timbering of the extractive age, but still massively impactful on the planet?

  • My Shot
    Emily Wexler writes in about college readiness and choosing the right path to college.

  • From the Still
    Moonshine Ink translator Cecilia Filipello adds her two cents about the conversation between Julie and Mayumi in last month's edition of Moonshine Ink regarding bilingualism.

  • My Shot
    Meera Beser discusses how the development and growth trend in the area reflects Joni Mitchell's song 'Big Yellow Taxi.'

  • Many publications seem to run feature articles and news stories featuring their advertisers. I would love to know your publication's policy on the separation of editorial and advertising?

  • We received a lot of letters and heard from a lot of people about the conversation between Mayumi and Julie regarding Moonshine Ink's bilingual printing in last month's edition. The responses we got were full of bewilderment and amazement that some people in our community feel as Julie do.

  • On Sunday, Oct. 15, more than 550 volunteers worked on projects throughout the watershed including meadow restoration and wetland protection. Our community restored areas in Martis Valley, on the Legacy Trail along the Truckee River, on the Truckee River at the Glenshire Bridge, at Lake of the Woods, in the Merrill Davies watershed, and in Gray Creek.

  • My Shot
    Community member, Kevin Bazar, responds to the recent the Forest Service's demolition of the Jackass Ridge trail and how it affects mountain biking community.


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February 14, 2019