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  • Isn’t tourism, whatever prefix you attach, always a form of economic and social imperialism? Softer in some ways than the mining and timbering of the extractive age, but still massively impactful on the planet?

  • Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense...

  • Sara says goodbye...for now

  • Moonshine Ink is celebrating 5 Years in Truckee and we need your support. We are a business for the benefit of the community and without the support of the community, we will not be able to continue publishing Moonshine Ink.

  • My Shot
    Truckee High School students write about Woodleaf, an annual week-long outdoor program for sixth graders at Alder Creek Middle School where kids learn about nature while having the times of their lives.

  • Argentinean thinks Tahoe is worth all the trouble

  • The Moonshine Ink Reader Survey is now finished. Thank you to everyone who participated.

  • Unscrupulous Developers; Please Help Ugandan Children

  • Dear Moonshine Ink
    I’m writing to say I’ m strongly in support of paving the Truckee River Legacy Trail. It’ s vital for Truckee to have safe routes for kids to get around town and Glenshire Drive is simply not safe.

  • My Shot
    Locals and visitors alike mutually love Lake Tahoe. But many of us strongly disagree with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Shorezone Plan, touted as the best plan to save her. We feel the Shorezone Plan is an environmental mistake and puts the cart before the horse.


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The Opinion Page is your place to spout off. This section contains letters to the editor and longer My Shot pieces. Also, the Spout features two bimonthly perspectives — In the Past, delving into Tahoe Truckee history, and In the Moment, an artistic musing of a moment today.

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October 11, 2018