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  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's (TRPA) decision to throw out the three-lane highway option for Kings Beach flies in the face of logic, progress and the general good of the businesses and residents of Kings Beach.

  • McClintock supporters neglect civility

  • George Carlin, The Passing of a Genius

  • TRPA and other agencies have chosen to view the 'Tahoe Summit' funding not as a mandate to significantly reduce the rate of environmental degradation, but as permission to continue to expand tourism and growth.

  • We need to take major responsibility for our own defense. It's not only a good idea, it's the law.

  • Get Involved and READ Thanks Moonshine, Keeps on Growing

  • The Lake Tahoe Basin has been an economically and socially depressed area for many years, and the solving of which has been shoved under the rug by those responsible.

  • Measure U is asking for the same $93 million to which the voters said NO just 5 months ago in June 2008.

  • I understand there was a parking problem in downtown Truckee that needed to be addressed but I think the time has come to admit that our first attempt at a resolution is not satisfactory and we must look into alternatives.

  • The timing for Measure L couldn’t be worse.


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January 10, 2019