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Housing Discrimination; Where is Speed Boat Beach Parking?

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Housing Discrimination

After living in Kings Beach for the last 28 years, my family and I have to move away from what we have called home. It is really sad to see that we (Mexican people) are still being considered second class people. We check many ads, look for places to rent, and we can’t find anything. We fill out many applications, then find so many obstacles. First, they say everything is OK, and the next day, the deposit is tripled, and the excuse is “you have no credit” or it was the realtor’s instructions after they saw us.

~ Anastasio Hernandez, Kings Beach

Where is Speed Boat Beach Parking?

While going to one of my favorite local beaches, Speedboat Beach, I was extremely concerned that it appeared there was no parking access. This is a public beach. There’s closely placed signage all over the area stating, “No Parking. ANYTIME.”
As a Placer County taxpayer, I am concerned that some people seem to be able to create their own private paradise even though they are using county roads. Parking has always been tight at peak times in the area, but in the off season there’s plenty. I am really wondering how this was able to get through the county? If you buy a home in California near a gorgeous beach, you should expect that there will also be others wanting access to the beach, which is a public beach. If you want a private lakefront beach, don’t buy in California.

~ Danielle Hankinson, Kings Beach

Skiing for Schools Raises Over $76,000

This winter’s Skiing for Schools program raised more than $76,000 to benefit local students. This Tahoe Truckee Excellence in Education Foundation program would not be possible without the continued loyalty and support from Alpine Meadows, Homewood Resort, Northstar California, Royal Gorge, Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl, Tahoe XC and Tahoe Donner. Through the program, resorts donate tickets to sell at a discounted rate. An extra-special thank-you and recognition to Northstar and Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows for also donating an additional $15,000 each.

~ Laura Abbey Brown, Executive Director of Excellence in Education Foundation, Truckee

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HighlyTurbid | Like Hundreds, Work but Can't Live There
I don't think it's cultural discrimination as much as if you are one of the "beautiful" (read: rich) people. This is a class war. Also residential rentals have been converted into Air B n B rentals. One landlord told me, "I can make $500 in a couple days versus in a month when I used to rent the room (for a resident)." It is tragic that many of us cannot find a place to live in Tahoe of all cultures while hundreds if not thousands of homes sit empty. To us this says it all. It's discrimination, yes, but it's based on if you're rich or not. Try driving up to rent a place in a $50,000+ car ("eco-friendly" even better, say the "eco-friendly" Tesla) and see how it goes. I bet you'll get the place.

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February 14, 2019