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  • We know that caffeine perks us up. But the compound also boosts focus and physical endurance, and lowers the risk of a number of diseases. Here’s what to expect from your daily cappuccino or Earl Grey.

  • This crazy experience won’t stop Aaron or John from biking. “On my deathbed, I won’t be there regretting that I was on my bike too much,” John says. The experience has also sparked a lasting friendship between the two families.

  • Dog ticks are thought to be most common and are carriers of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Black-legged ticks carry Lyme disease and in 2016 the California Department of Public Health collected one from the Sagehen area near Truckee.

  • There are a lot of Canada Geese around Tahoe. They belong to the over five million plus geese living in North America. Their population has dramatically expanded not only throughout the continent, but also here in Tahoe.

  • Work these home care tips into your to-do list as you relish the warm summer days, and you’ll experience a seamless, unhurried transition into fall.

  • This summer, three local Truckee High students started Truckee HELP (Himalayan Exchange Literacy Program) with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial cultural literacy exchange between students of Truckee High School and Sir Edmund Hillary Khumjung School.

  • Stir fry, add to a pizza or concoct a sweet jam with some delectable edible plants found right here in the Sierra. They’re out of this world — or more like “out of the wild!”

  • Here are some productive ways to talk to your kids without sounding like your parents, for today’s modern era.

  • Feng shui for the home is based around the “bagua” map, a collection of nine elements arranged in a square that represent parts of your life. When people re-arrange their homes to be more consistent with this flow it can also assist in helping them meet goals.

  • LTCC ramps up offerings of four-year degrees available on South Lake Campus.


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February 14, 2019