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Stand by Me

A blind dachshund and her furry companion are adopted from the Pet Network
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Dr. Evil had Mini Me, SpongeBob had Patrick, the Lone Ranger had Tonto, Wayne had Garth, and Honey has Buddy. Don’t recognize the last two names? Honey is a 14-year-old blind dachshund and Buddy is her 4-year-old guide dog and companion. The dynamic duo was adopted together on Aug. 27 by Sarah Anderson of Minden after a short stay and rehabilitation at the Pet Network Humane Society in Incline Village.

“I was happy to rescue both of them; it was totally understandable that they needed to be together,” Anderson said. “I wanted to give them a second home. They deserved a second chance.”

Before their two-month vacation at Lake Tahoe, the two dogs had spent 40 days at Lassen County Animal Shelter after they were confiscated from a poor home environment.

Donna Hastie, the animal shelter supervisor in Lassen County, described the day she rescued Honey and Buddy from their original home.

“Honey was standing on a deck 3 feet off the ground with no railing,” she said. “Anytime she got close to the edge, Buddy would panic and nudge her more toward the center of the deck.”

The guiding did not stop there, she explained. When Hastie and her team were attempting to get Honey and Buddy into the car, Honey was friendly and quick to get in. Buddy, who they imagined had not been well socialized, was skittish when approached by humans and refused to get into the rescue vehicle. Finally, after an hour, the animal control team left Honey in the car with the doors open and walked away. Almost immediately Buddy jumped in to check on Honey and the animal control team was able to shut the door and safely bring the two animals to safety.

Upon arrival at the shelter, it was clear that Honey had some sort of growth on her stomach. What turned out to be a mammary tumor the size of a softball was quickly removed using $500 from the shelter’s spay and neuter fund. The Lassen County community rallied around Honey and reimbursed the shelter for the entire amount that had been removed from the fund for the surgery.

Hastie noticed that some of the companion’s moves were a bit more bizarre than others. Every time the shelter workers gave Honey a bowl of food, Buddy would knock it over, scattering food all over the ground, then he would nudge Honey to the kibble. “I have no idea why Buddy would do that,” Hastie said, laughing. “I can’t read dogs’ minds.”

After 40 days, Honey and Buddy were transferred to the Pet Network because Lassen County Animal Shelter is a kill shelter and the facility was having a hard time finding a home for the two dogs together. The Pet Network is a no-kill shelter.

About two months after arriving in Incline Village, Honey and Buddy were adopted by Andersen, a former veterinary assistant who had recently lost her dog. She was looking for a new companion online when she came across Buddy on the Pet Network’s website.

At first she was confused by the “companion” aspect of Buddy’s listing, but upon learning that Buddy worked as the eyes and ears for a blind dachshund, she knew she had met her new pets.

“In their free time, Buddy loves playing catch and Honey wanders around and snuggles with Buddy,” Anderson said about the duo, who are never more than a few feet from each other, and are adjusting nicely to life in Minden.

Pet Network Humane Society has other dogs and cats needing a forever home. If you are looking to adopt, please go to its website,, or visit at 401 Village Blvd. in Incline Village.

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