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A long shelf life and loyal readers make Moonshine Ink advertising effective. Add to that a dedication to affordability and integral customer service, and you've got a winning formula. See our print ad rates and ways to save money via our wideranging discount system below.

It’s as EASY as 1, 2, 3                                      

1) Pick an ad: Choose an ad size and shape from the diagram to the right. You can also look through any copy of Moonshine Ink to see the variety of ad sizes.

2) Choose your price: Check the chart below for the price of that ad. Don't miss our money-saving incentives for nonprofits, recurring ads, and for advertising during shoulder seasons.

3) Book it: Deadline for ad reservation is the Tuesday before we go to press (see deadlines in Print Calendar on next tab). Ad copy/artwork is due by noon the following Thursday. Email us at when you’re ready for success.


Print Ad Rates

Display Ad Size   1x Full Color
Back page   $1300.00
Full page   $1085.00
3/5 page   $735.00
1/2 page   $630..00
2/5 page   $505.00
1/4 page   $360.00
1/5 page   $290..00
1/8 page   $195.00
1/10 page   $164.00
1/16 page   $105.00
1/20 page   $85.00


Increased Commitment + Increased Savings = Discounts

We reward commitment with a slew of discounts. Note: Unlike most fine print you see, these discounts can be combined!

MULTIPLE RUN DISCOUNTS: Repeat exposure of your ad reaps rewards and gets you a multiple run discount, up to 25% off! See below. These discounts are for signed contracts only

   • 3 times = 10% OFF
   • 6 times = 15% OFF
   • 12 times = 25% OFF

PRE-PAY DISCOUNT: Get more off if you pay upfront. Take 5% off if you pre-pay by check, cash, or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, or Discover). Due by 1st of each month. Double discount if you pay entire multiple-run contract up front, 3 months or more.

NONPROFIT DISCOUNT: We offer an additional 10% discount off total purchase for nonprofit organizations.

ONLINE EXPOSURE DISCOUNT: Get an additional 5% off your print ad when you buy an online ad.


PAYMENT OPTIONS We accept checks, cash, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

PLACEMENT: We make every effort to meet placement requests at no charge — just ask. Placement requests are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

DESIGN: New builds for campaigns get one full hour of design at no charge. For ads in subsequent editions: One-line test change is at no charge. Minor changes to subsequent ads are $15. Major changes are billed at professional design rate of $50/hr.

PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES: We offer custom photography services, billed at $50/hr.

STOCK IMAGES REIMBURSEMENT: For stock images we provide, we charge for reimbursement. Final cost depends on size, with pricing starting at $15 per image.

REPRINT FEE: To reuse artwork created by Moonshine Ink in other publications, as flyers, on your website, or other promotional items, we require a reprint licensing fee: $25 for 5-time use; $50 unlimited.

COMMISSIONS: The above rates are non-commissionable.


Print Advertising Dimensions

4-Column Format

Back page with .5" bleed (all 4 sides) 11.25" 13.65"
Back page 9.75" 12.15"
Full page 9.75" 11.888"
1/2 page (v) 4.75" 11.888"
1/2 page (h) 9.75" 5.819"
1/4 page (v#1) 4.75" 5.819"
1/4 page (v#2) 2.25" 11.888"
1/4 page (h) 9.75" 2.785"
1/8 page (v) 2.25" 5.819"
1/8 page (h) 4.75" 2.785"
1/16 page (v) 2.25" 2.785"
1/2 coupon (v) 4.75" 11.34"
1/2 coupon (h) 9.75" 5.545"
1/4 p. coupon (v) 4.75" 5.545"
1/8 p. coupon  4.75" 2.65"













5-Column Format

Back page with .5" bleed (all 4 sides) 11.25" 13.65"
Back page 9.75" 11.888"
Full page 9.75" 11.888"
3/5 page (v) 5.75" 11.888"
2/5 page (v#1) 3.75" 11.888"
2/5 page (v#2) 5.75" 7.85"
2/5 page (h) 7.75" 5.819"
1/5 page (v#1) 3.75" 5.819"
1/5 page (v#2) 1.75" 11.888"
1/5 page (h) 5.75" 3.8"
1/10 page (v) 1.75" 5.819"
1/10 page (h) 3.75" 2.785"
1/20 page (v) 1.75" 2.785"
1/20 page (h) 3.75" 1.267"

Optimizing Your Artwork

REGISTRATION: The web press moves incredibly fast. Four plates line up to make every element on the page. To keep things sharp, it helps to make text and graphical (logos etc.) elements with as few links (CMYK) as possible
DENSITY: Newsprint is porous. Ink seeps outward from the point where it gets put, which is called dot gain. So, lightening up the ink levels is preferred. If ink density is too high then the artwork starts looking muddy and may track to other parts of the page and publication.

With these two points in mind, here are some of the most important optimization tips for our press:
100% K: Set your black text and small to medium black artwork to 100%K, no other inks. In other words, not rich black.

Overprint Black: In your document, set black text to overprint. If you do not know how, please let us know, we may be able to help you find the setting.

Make it pop: For logos, vector artwork, or text, keep colors to no more than 3 inks. Less is better. This will make the color vibrant.

Reverse it Right: If there is a reverse text, make it at least 10 pt., thicken it up, and place it atop a 1- or 2-ink background color.

Photo Adjustments are best adjusted to lighter than you think. Sharpen those images so the edges are defined. We can help optimize photos.

Yellow can be hard to read by itself when printed on newsprint so we suggest adding 10% magenta.

Black text on a screened box: Make this screen a maximum of 30%. If the screen is darker, the type may be hard to read. Make the screen a minimum of 10% because anything lighter may not show up as much as you'd like.




Edition Edition Dates Special Features First-Round Deadline Drop-Dead Deadline
January 2018 Jan. 11 to Feb. 7 Dec. 22 Dec. 29
January Jan. 11 to Feb. 7 Jan. 20 Jan. 27

We’re Also Online: An estimated 10,000 unique visitors come to our website each month. We have a variety of online ad options, to help you target your market and fit your budget. We send out breaking news emails and maintain active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Our ads are based on industry sizes. Online ads should be built in RGB and saved as a gif, png, or jpg at 150 dpi. No flash is allowed. Provide a link to your website. If you cannot provide your own Tap Featured Event ad artwork, we have Tap Featured Event ad templates. Certain code-based ads are supported, inquire.




Monthly Website Ad Rates

Ad Size Seen on: Rotating with: Open 3x
(10% off)
6x (15% off) 12x (25% off) WIDTH  HEIGHT 
Banner, Premier All pages Lock in slot as only advertiser $280/mo. $252/mo. $238/mo. $210/mo. 728 pixels 90 pixels
Banner All pages 2 advertisers $150/mo. $135/mo. $127.50/mo. $112.50/mo. 728 pixels 90 pixels
Home Sidebar Home page only 3 advertisers, always visible $100/mo. $90/mo. $85/mo. $75/mo. 180 pixels 150 pixels
Story/Sections Sidebar, Premier All story pages
all section pages
Lock in top slot,
always visible
$150/mo. $135/mo. $127.50/mo. $112.50/mo. 300 pixels 250 pixels
Story/Sections Sidebar All story pages
all section pages
7 advertisers, always visible $115/mo. $103.50/mo. $97.75/mo. $86.25/mo. 300 pixels 250 pixels
Featured Event, Premier Home page and all calendar pages including event listings 7 advertisers, always visible, top column $150/mo.       180 pixels 150 pixels
Featured Event All calendar pages including event listings 7 advertisers, always visible, top column $50/mo. or $3/day       180 pixels 150 pixels

Email Ad Partner

Over 1,400 subscribers receive our email updates that feature breaking news announcements, photo galleries, police logs, and more exclusive online content.

The Ad Partner slots fill up quickly. Contact us for an upcoming schedule, varies monthly.

Just $75 each sized at 300 w x 250 h pixels (Story/Sections Sidebar size). Supports jpeg and gif files.

Includes link to your URL.

Here's a way you can back your favorite paper: Sponsor a Moonshine Ink Drop Box

Sponsor a Moonshine Ink drop box and market yourself right on it for a full year. You select a high-traffic location throughout Truckee or North Lake (first come, first served). Your beautiful full-color plaque sits front and center. Support quality journalism and get your message seen everyday. 
• Marketing to Dedicated Readers
• Large Full Color sponsorship plaque
• Your choice of a high-traffic location
• Be seen 24/7, 365 days a year
• Satisfaction knowing you support quality journalism
  PRICE | $500 FOR 1 YEAR







Plaque Specs 13.75" w x 10.75" h



We accept limited insertions (printed advertisement material inserted into the print edition). Buyer is responsible for design, production, and delivery to our press at least a week prior to print publication date. We can offer these services at an additional cost (see below). For an effective insert, we recommend including a call to action and/or special offers, such as coupons.

  • Single page . . . $700/mo.
  • 2 – 4 pages . . . $950/mo.
  • 6 + pages . . . Contact us for a quote



 Print Circulation  
• Circulation 11,000
• Readership: 24,000"
• 230+ Drop zones in highlighted area above
• Available free
• Drop zones replenished consistently throughout the month
• A low 3 to 5% rate of return***
• Print subscriptions available for $25

Distribution (print)
• Truckee, Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Carnelian Bay, Dollar Point, Tahoe Vista, West Shore, Crystal Bay, Incline Village, Donner Summit
• Major hotels and ski resorts
• Key locations in Reno
• Second homeowners and visitors
• 50% of our subscribers live outside the area and visit frequently

 Distribution (online)
• Online at
• Approx. 10,000 unique hits/month
• Frequent email updates
• Active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages


An estimated 24,000 sets of eyes hit Moonshine pages each month. Our readers are educated, passionate, about our community, and conscious supporters of local businesses. You can be sure when advertising in Moonshine Ink that locals, second homeowners, and tourists have access to your marketing messages. 

Reader Behavior* 

• 63% pick up and read Moonshine Ink (MI) 1-3 times and issue;14% read it 4+ times an issue.
• 52% have at least on other person reading their copy of MI; 25% have at least 2 other people people reading their copy
• 59% of our readers read most stories; 33% read from cover to cover 

Reader Demographics* 

•78% visit businesses that advertise with Moonshine Ink
•30% of our readers are 21-35 years old, 45% are 36-55, and 26% are 56-75
•70% of our readers have a 4-year college degree; 20% have a Master's or a PhD
•54% of our readers own a first home, 17% own a first home and second home, 29% rent or stay with a friend
•82% of our readers are local, 14% live here part of the year or visit

What our readers do for fun* 

•Snow Sports..................................................78%
•Dine out.......................................................78%
•Go to live music shows and theatre..............78%
•Go to festivals and events............................70%
•Go to and rent movies.................................66%
•Climbing and biking....................................49%
•Yoga, Pilates, dance, and go to the gym......43%
•Dog-friendly activities................................42%
•Kid friendly/family activities.......................29%
•Golf and/or tennis.....................................15% 


*All numbers are based on Moonshine Ink's Jan-Feb 2007 Reader Survey administered by Moonshine Ink.


Summer Lovin' Festival Guide Advertising

Each year in May we produce a Summer Festival Guide — a smaller, magazine sized, insert that celebrates all things Tahoe Summer.

What's it Got?!

• Draws 30,000+ readers
• Printed on bright white quality paper to make your ad pop
• A complete summer events guide to activities around the Lake Tahoe Region and beyond
• Full of great ideas for the summer, including food, shopping, and events.
• A perfect reference for visitors and locals alike, all summer long
Click on the cover photo to see our 2016 Summer Lovin' Guide  


Display Ad Size   1x Full Color
Back page   $1300.00
Full page   $1085.00
1/2 page   $630..00
1/4 page   $360.00
1/8 page   $195.00





To hear about the options still available for Summer Lovin' 2017 please contact Julie Stanley at (530) 587-3607 x2 or


Holiday Handbook Advertising

Each year for our November and December issues we run a Holiday Handbook — a smaller, magazine sized, insert that celebrates all things Tahoe Holidays.
What's it Got?!  
• Draws traffic through your doors by encouraging customers to buy local
• Printed on bright white quality paper to make your ad pop
• Full of great ideas for the holidays including food, shopping, and gift guides
• A event calendar chalk full community events
• Great way to network local businesses
• Makes holiday shopping easier for the consumer
Click on the cover photo to see our November 2016 Holiday Handbook  


Display Ad Size   1x Full Color
Back page   $1300.00
Full page   $1085.00
1/2 page   $630..00
1/4 page   $360.00
1/8 page   $195.00
Gift Pick with Ad   $80.0000
Gift Pick Only   $140.0000



This year we are excited to extend the offer to be part our Holiday Gift Picks section to advertisers. This section is a exclusive way to drive more customers through your doors. The section Features 10 categories, each limited to just 4 items, ensuring that your business will pop off the page.
Add your item to Gift Picks along with a regular ad and the price drops to $80. Otherwise, choose to advertise just a Gift Pick for $140.

The Picks will be featured in our December Holiday Handbook as well as on our website with a direct link to the webpage of your choice.
Click on the photo for an example of a Gift Pick Page. 





Click on the photo for an ad specs. 


To hear about the options still available for December 2016 Handbook please contact Julie Stanley at (530) 587-3607 x2 or


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Edition First-Round Deadline Drop-Dead Deadline
Jan. 11 to Feb. 7 Dec. 22 Dec. 29
Jan. 11 to Feb. 7 Jan. 20 Jan. 27

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